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HPE GreenLake - Selectium Program
Oct 4, 2021

Digital Transformation with HPE GreenLake — Selectium Program

• HPE GreenLake — Selectium Program allows you access your equipment within days and not months of purchase • Digital transformation streamlines your business processes allowing for scalability and resilience. • HPE’s digital capabilities lower the risk of fraud enabling financial security for your business and cost optimization for greater business growth.
HPE GreenLake - Selectium Program
Oct 4, 2021

Achieve business results with HPE GreenLake – Selectium program

HPE GreenLake - Selectium Program is a business model based on paying for IT infrastructure at real cost. It allows users to dynamically use the IT infrastructure, according to business needs, and pay only for the resources actually used.
Apr 15, 2021

Redefining customer experience with new AI-powered operational service

New customer-centric, AI-driven, and digitally enabled customer experience We have over 1.4 million customer interactions every year, so we know what things take up our customers’ time